ericsecharia: Other than family, I miss this little the most. We cuddled all night #IWasTheLittleSpoon

itsmidnightred: Special message for Brazil! Get ready to see us at the Z Festival October 11 & 12 with friends @AustinMahone & @fifthharmony!

"i want you guys to bring this band into your family, into your home, because this is me now. you guys are like my brothers. i love them and we’re about to take over the world." - Colton Rudloff //July 19, 2011


@anthonyladao: Good Night 

any requests?? gifs? edits? mix? certain videos?

tell me here or in my inbox yes???

okay this isn't like a romance ship, just funky fun bromance. Anthony and thomas or eric and thomas? —Anonymous

hmmm that’s a very hard one but i think i’m gonna go with eric and thomas just because they’ve known each other the longest and i like their brotherly bond they have (i guess they all have that but ya know)